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 157 VW Hebmuller cabrio

  TYP 15    KARMANN:

 160 Split- & 25 Zwittter cabrio


 17 Hebmüller, 7 Papler, 3 Austro-Tatra

Both online! The HEBMÜLLER convertible Type 14A and the KARMANN split convertible Type 15 registry. After Klaus Jacobsen in 2003 switched off his website registry consisting of about 100 cars each of type 14 and type 15 I had mainly taken care of the KARMANN split convertible registry and my friend Peter Schepens meanwhile had continued to accumulate informations about Hebmüller verts. On Jan. 9, 2009 the updated Hebmüller registry started on this website here with 133 registered cars. Besides the online listing with photos and ID numbers Peter and me are collecting all historic informations about existing and no more existing cars as per example date and destination of delivery, more period pics, preowners as well as stories about the respective cars.

As we can see there are existing today nearly the same number of Hebmüller and Karmann convertibles. The VW Hebmuller always was a very special and highly appreciated car which usually saved them from the scrapyard. The production output of roughly 700 Hebs to 10.000 split verts clearly show how many Karmanns have been disposed off during the years.

Also online is the registry for the rare VW Typ 18A police convertibles. Volkswagen ordered those cars by Hebmüller, Papler and the austrian company Austro-Tatra. Karmann delivered Volkswagen also some police verts. You´ll find them in the Karmann-Registry. In case you have knowlege about cars not being registered yet or you are able to update informations about already registered cars, please send me or Peter an Email: 
Claus: info(at)     Peter: type14a(at)

Also more recent pictures or missing pictures belonging to registered cars are greatly appreciated.
Have fun in watching the registries!



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Many thanks for
all incoming infos.
Special thanks to:

 Rob Amos
 Dick Christensen,
 Bob Cook,
 Steve Dressler
Ruud de Ruiter
 Robert Gilmore,
 Christian Grundmann,
 Andreas Hendl,
 Jan Peter Henkels,
 Klaus Hebmüller,
 Roland Holm,
 Gunter Hofmans
 Klaus Jacobsen,
 Th. Landbergsson,
 Mike Leach,
 Sebastian Loll
 Markus Lottermann,
 George Lloydt,
 Henry Marchena
 Mark Merz,
 Stephen Müller
 Ludwig Oetzinger,
 Georg Otto,
 Peter Pförtner,
 Guido Rademakers,
 Kurt Ramseier,
 Yan Rami,
 Carsten Reeder,
 Bob Shaill,
 Björn Schewe,
 Peter Schepens
 Andreas Wacker

     New in the Register:

    24.07.2017     new Hebmüller convertible 14-00231 from Germany
    24.07.2017     new Hebmüller convertible 14-00635 from Switzerland
    24.07.2017     new Hebmüller convertible 14-00516 from Germany
    24.07.2017     added new picture to Hebmüller 14-00555
    11.06.2017     added missing pictures to Karmann 1-0333818 & 1-0349003
    03.11.2016     new Zwitter Kabriolett 15-10982 from Colombia
    03.11.2016     new Karmann Kabriolett 1-0300113 from Japan
    03.11.2016     new Karmann Kabriolett 15-02353 from USA
    03.11.2016     new Karmann Kabriolett 1-0369687 from Italy
    03.11.2016     new Karmann Kabriolett 15-088712 from USA
    04.10.2016     new picture of Karmann Kabriolett 15-00616
    17.09.2016     new Karmann convertible 15-03790 from Italy
    19.06.2016     new Hebmüller convertible 1-0127000 from Germany
    15.05.2016     new Karmann Kabriolett 15-10304 from Germany
    23.03.2016     new Hebmüller 14-00684 from Germany
    23.03.2016     new picture of Hebmüller 14-00232 from Germany
    30.01.2016     new picture of Hebmüller police convertible 18-00089
    30.01.2016     new Hebmüller police convertible 18-00117 from Germany
    17.11.2015     added missing picture to Hebmüller 1-0147144 & 1-216664
    17.11.2015     added missing body number to Hebmüller 14-00066
    06.09.2015     added missing picture to Hebmüller 14-00014!
    25.05.2015     new Karmann Kabriolett 1-0360968 from Germany
    25.05.2015     new picture of Karmann 15-09885 from Holland
    30.01.2015     new Karmann Kabriolett 15-10201 from USA
    30.01.2015     added missing picture of Karmann 15-02922
    19.11.2014     new Hebmüller convertible 1-0167293 from Germany
    13.11.2014     new Karmann Kabriolett 1-0339932 from Germany
    02.11.2014     new Papler Typ 18A convertible 1-0344191 from Germany
    21.09.2014     new Karmann Kabriolett 15-05579 & 1-0170184
    21.09.2014     new picture of Karmann 15-08108, 15-06740, 15-02801
    15.02.2014     new Hebmüller convertible 19126 1411 from Germany
    14.01.2014     added missing picture to Hebmüller 14-00668
    14.01.2014     new picture of Hebmüller convertible 14-00166
    01.01.2014     added missing picture to Hebmüller 14-00735
    30.12.2013     new Karmann Kabriolett 15-08958 from Germany
    30.12.2013     Karmann Kabriolett 15-10351 now in Indonesia
    30.12.2013     Karmann Kabriolett 15-08996 now in Canada
    30.12.2013     new picture of Karmann Kabriolett 15-08996
    30.12.2013     Hebmüller convertible 14-00731 now in Australia
    30.12.2013     Karmann Kabriolett 15-02801 now in the Netherlands
    19.12.2013     new picture of Hebmüller convertible 14-00151
    19.12.2013     new picture of Hebmüller convertible 14-00410
    19.12.2013     new picture of Hebmüller convertible 14-00651
    25.11.2013     new Karmann Kabriolett 15-02307 from Japan
    25.11.2013     new picture of Karmann Kabriolett 1-0392124
    25.11.2013     new picture of Karmann Kabriolett 1-0453079
    30.10.2013     Karmann Kabriolett 15-09885 now in Belgium
    07.08.2013     added missing picture to Hebmüller 14-00670
    28.05.2013     new picture of 18-00275 in the type 18A Rgister
    11.02.2013     new Karmann Zwitter Kabriolett 15-12036 from Denmark
    02.02.2013     added correct picture of Hebmüller convertible 14-00639
    02.02.2013     added correct picture of Hebmüller convertible 14-00570
    02.02.2013     added new picture of Hebmüller convertible 14-00626
    27.12.2012     new Karmann Kabriolett 15-09885 from the USA
    24.12.2012     new Hebmüller convertible 14-00315 from Germany
    10.11.2012     new Hebmüller convertible 14-00367 from Germany
    15.10.2012     new Karmann Kabriolett from England